Ductwork is the system of ducts through which air circulates to heat, cool or ventilate a building. Every building is unique in one way or another, so your ductwork needs to take into account the specifics of your particular situation!

How Ductwork Works

With HVAC ductwork, the physics is simple: air is forced through tubes, from your main HVAC unit across your house. Heated or cooled air gets pushed by the air handler through the ductwork and out through the vents – and there you have it! Simple, right?

Not quite.

Duct physics is relatively simple, but duct design is complicated. It can only be done by an experienced professional, who can size, plan, design, optimize, and test your duct for the best functionality. AC ductwork design needs to take into account all the structural elements, the layout of the building, existing work and dozens more details!

Why Air Ducts?

Ducted systems deliver an enormous amount of air – heated, cooled or just ventilated – with minimal visual intrusion. They are also very good at removing humidity out of the air, which in Florida can be quite a big deal!

With properly installed, sealed and maintained ductwork, you reduce the 4 D’s of your house:

You also lower the occurrence of allergies for members of your household!

Ducted systems are relatively easy to maintain. Except for regular ductwork cleaning and sanitizing, expect very little to do here.

What Kind of Ductwork Should You Choose?

    • Ductwork is complex, and so is selecting which kind is right for you. You can choose between galvanized steel, foam panels, aluminum, fiberglass, and flex, which is a metal wire coil covered in plastic.
    • They each have their benefits: galvanized steel is durable and rust-free, fiberglass absorbs sound better, flex is more, well, flexible, and so on. So how do you choose?
    • The answer is, you don’t – you ask an expert.
    • Ductwork is made up of supply and return ducts, usually suspended across the void below your ceiling, and pushes or pulls in air through vents. How the ducts are chosen, then, is often dictated by the level of complexity the homeowner is willing to go to, but also by the peculiarities of the house itself.
    • An expert can best calculate the size of your ducts depending on the layout of the place, air volume, the number of elbows necessary, and air resistance, among other things.

Ductwork Fabrication

Air Hawk does its own ductwork fabrication, so you never need to worry about fitting a ducted system to your specifications. With us, you have guaranteed custom-made,
expertly-designed ductwork built for the exact size and designated location!

We work to the highest industry standards and configure everything for best
functionality, from the shape of the duct to the right support systems.

A commitment to quality manufacturing, 15+ years of experience and top technicians will make all the difference to your ductwork fabrication and installation.

Get a Pro to Do Your Ductwork

It is essential that your ductwork installation is done by a professional. And a good one, at that!

The physics of air flow are not for everyone: an experienced, thorough professional company will assess the best kind of AC ductwork for your home, as well as the correct duct design for minimal friction and turbulence.

Improper installation of your HVAC ductwork will impact the efficiency of your entire HVAC system: shoddy sealing and insulation, mechanical obstruction, miscalculated size, bad retrofitting etc. will diminish air flow and increase your electricity bills.

Choose a pro for this job. You shouldn’t have to know anything about sharp elbows, grilles, air resistance, and other such terms – your HVAC company should!

Is Ductwork Right for You?

If you are building your house from the ground up, or already living in an older ducted house, chances are you are going to want a properly installed and sanitized ducted HVAC system. In the Tampa Bay area, even the driest month (March) has a humidity of 60%, so you may also be interested in the increased air circulation and dehumidifying power of ducted HVACs.

Would a ducted or ductless system work best for your home? If you are unsure, Air Hawk offers free evaluations to answer all your questions!


My father is retrofitting his house and called Joe for help with the ductwork. The team he sent spent a while assessing the place and coming up with a solid plan. They did the install and cleaning, too, did a great job and explained everything. But the best part was, it wasn’t even that expensive. My father was very happy to pay almost 15% less than what another company had asked for.

Teresa L., Odessa, FL

How Air Hawk Can Help

It doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be expensive! With Air Hawk, our top-trained technicians will give you a fair estimate, explain the process and do their job with proper care for your home and comfort.

We offer ductwork fabrication and installation, as well as ductwork cleaning, sanitizing and repair. Take a look at the areas we service and contact us for all your ductwork needs!
Discover the difference healthy ductwork makes to air quality – and to your savings!

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