Below are some of the

HVAC products

and equipment Air Hawk Heating and Cooling offers for heating and air conditioning in Land O Lakes and Tampa Bay, FL. Click on the desired product below to view more about our specific products we offer.

Rheem AC Products
Rheem ®

Air Hawk Heating & Cooling stands by this long-standing legacy, partnering with Rheem to create the most comfortable living conditions for the residents of Trinity, FL and many more Pasco County communities.

Duct Work

The duct work in your home is just as important as the equipment its connected to. A lot of the time duct work can be overlooked and rob performance from your high efficiency air conditioner.

HVAC Product Details
Ductless Air Conditioning

Efficient and unobtrusive, ductless split systems are great for controlling room temperature.

Indoor air quality is important for your health
Indoor Air Quality

Our home is supposed to be the safest place we can be – not to mention the most comfortable. With today’s homes, most construction is tightly built to keep out the pollution, dust, and other allergens that float through the outside air out of the indoor air quality.