Air Conditioning Services

In Florida, air conditioning is not a matter of debate: you just get it! How else would you survive summers in the Sunshine State? Get the best of air conditioning with Air Hawk’s installation, maintenance, and repair service. Trusted, affordable expert assistance for all your AC needs.

Life Without Air Conditioners?

Imagine July at an average of 82°F – with no air conditioning! Before 1902, when the AC system was invented, you just had to fan yourself. Now you can choose between ducted and ductless systems, adjust the temperature by the touch of a button either in-house or remotely, program your thermostat, and more.

Without air conditioning, life was not only less comfortable but also more prone to disease. Sweat was the least of the problems.

How a Heating and Cooling System Helps

Air conditioning not only makes life more comfortable but, in fact, is an essential health factor! Some of the benefits include:

Get all the benefits of good AC by installing an efficient HVAC system, doing regular maintenance, and not delaying repair work when necessary!

Air Conditioning Installation

    Air conditioner installation should not be left to amateurs. Get a pro to assess your specific situation and install the right air conditioning system for you. It’s the difference between long-lasting comfort and a world of constant trouble, hassle and minor or major disturbances!

    In the US, on average, about 6% of a household’s energy use goes to cooling systems. In fact, you’ll find that in the summer, in the Tampa Bay area, it often accounts for as much as 50%!

    If you want to lower your AC use by 20-50%, the US Energy Department recommends switching to a high-efficiency HVAC system. And, as always, the key to good air is having the right system installed by the right people!

    What Kinds of Air Conditioning Are There?

    • Central air conditioning, or ducted HVACs
    • Ductless air conditioning, also known as mini split systems
    • Portable air conditioners, designed for single-room use
    • Window air conditioners, single units designed for small spaces
    • Geothermal heating and cooling systems, a more complex solution involving a coil buried in the ground.

    Find out how Air Hawk can help you decide what would work for you and deliver the best air conditioning installation service in the Tampa Bay area!

AC Maintenance

It’s easy to ignore minor problems and move on, as long your air conditioner still works. But small problems compound other small problems and before you have time to say “oops”, you’ve got a major problem on your hand! Don’t wait until you have an emergency.

Rather than just a service call, you can also consider a maintenance plan. With Air Hawk’s maintenance plans, service call fees are waived and you get a complex set of services and procedures to prolong the life of your air conditioning system, prevent costly repairs, and improve performance.

Air Conditioning Repair

Accidents do happen. Even when you take care of your HVAC system but especially if you don’t, you can find yourself with an air conditioner problem that no amount of DIY guides can solve.

AC systems are expensive, whereas repairs are usually not. It makes sense to deal with your HVAC issues as soon as you spot them. Let the Air Hawk specialists take care of your AC repair work before they become major headaches!


I’ve contracted Air Hawk twice over the past couple of years, first to get a high-efficiency HVAC for the holiday home I’ve built in Tampa, then I got their premium maintenance plan because I thought it’d be worth it, since I wasn’t there much to spot problems. So far, everything’s working great and all the maintenance work that’s being done helps me just relax about it all.

Larry S., Palm Harbor, FL

How Air Hawk Can Help

Air Hawk is your neighbor in the Tampa Bay area – so we know exactly what you need. We deliver expert heating, cooling, and ventilation, at affordable rates and with all due respect to your home and comfort.

The Air Hawk Difference

  • Fair prices
  • Servicing all makes and models
  • Trusted experts with 15+ years’ experience
  • NATE-certified technicians
  • Same-day service
  • Financing available

Find out more about our air conditioning services. Call 813-929-HAWK (4295) or submit a form and we’ll contact you soon!