Duke Energy Rebates

duke energy rebates

So, you would like to upgrade your home so that it is more energy efficient and your power bill is lower?  Many of us would like to lower our power bills, but the up-front costs of making our home more energy efficient are hard to overcome.

Good news! Duke Energy offers rebate programs to help offset some of these costs.

Why would your power company want you to use less electricity?  According to Duke Energy, “Conserving energy is the right thing to do for our customers and ourselves. The demand for electricity is growing, and building new power plants is expensive and takes years to complete. The cleanest, most efficient power plant is the one we never have to build.”  

Duke Energy has programs to help with some of the improvements that will significantly lower your energy consumption such as duct testing and repair, attic insulation upgrade, energy efficient windows, and heat pump replacement. It all starts with a free “Home Energy Check” with a qualifying recommendation.  This step must be completed before any work starts, and must have been done within the past 24 months. This free check will help you understand and improve your home’s energy efficiency. You can complete the Home Energy Check in less than 15 minutes over the phone 800-943-6917 or online.  You may also schedule an in-home check.

Duct Testing and Repair

Prequalified contractors test your heating and cooling system for leaks and can make any recommended repairs.  Duke Energy covers half of this $60 test. If repairs are needed, Duke Energy pays the first $150. According to Duke Energy, most homes need around $300 of repairs.

Attic Insulation Upgrade

Heating and cooling account for almost half of your total energy bill. Over time, insulation tends to settle, becoming thinner and less effective. Improved insulation means that your heating and cooling system doesn’t work as hard.  If you qualify for this rebate, can you do it yourself and get reimbursed? No. You must use one of Duke Energy’s prequalified contractors and they will apply the rebate directly to your invoice.  

Energy Efficient Windows

Professionally installed energy-efficient windows eliminate hot spots in your house, reduce outside noise and protect your walls and furniture from fading.  This incentive covers up to $400 ($2 per square foot of window area). This incentive only covers east-, west-, or south-facing windows and only for homes with whole-house electric heating and cooling.  Only high-efficiency replacement windows qualify and they must be installed according to Duke Energy standards by a contractor approved by Duke Energy.

Heat Pump Replacement

Today’s heat pumps are much more energy efficient than they were just 10 years ago. Replacing a 12- to 15-year-old unit with a new high-efficiency heat pump could save you up to 30% on your energy bill.  Duke Energy will pay up to $800 when you upgrade your old heat pump or heat strip to a new energy efficient model. The unit’s ability to heat or cool efficiently is illustrated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The higher the rating, the better the unit will perform.  For single family homes, Duke energy will rebate $200 for replacing a less-efficient heat pump to a minimum 15 SEER or $600 if you upgrade to a minimum 17 SEER heat pump. The incentive payment will be credited to the customer’s bill.

If you are wanting to be more energy efficient, or simply need to make some of these upgrades or repairs, contact Duke Energy regarding their incentives program and save some money. Click here for more details or call Duke Energy at 877.574.0340 to talk to an energy advisor.



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