Common Summer AC Problems

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Bring it on, Florida. We can handle the summer heat that you throw at us, as long as we have our trusty air conditioners. But what happens when common summer AC problems leave your air conditioner at a stand-still? Getting professional help is always the best move, but before you make that call, below are some of the most common summer AC problems.

Top 3 Common Summer AC Problems

Air Conditioner Won’t Start

If your air conditioner won’t start, check the electrical components. Be sure the breaker for the AC hasn’t been tripped by something like a power surge or a lightning strike. Also make sure your thermostat is working properly. Remove the cover to check for dust that may be preventing it from working. 

Not enough cool air

If your air conditioner isn’t producing enough cold air to cool your home, an obstruction of ventilation may be the culprit. One cause might be a dirty filter. Air filters should be replaced or cleaned (if they are the reusable kind) every month, especially if you are a pet owner. 

In addition, make sure the registers in your home are clean and open. If they’re not, the cold air can’t cool the temperature in your home. Also, check the outdoor compressor for any yard debris that might be in or around the unit. To allow optimal air flow, keep two or three feet around the compressor free of any plants, including trees. 

Air conditioner is leaking

It’s never a good sign when your air conditioner is leaking. Whether it’s a water leak due to a faulty drainage pipe or a coolant leak, both are problematic. Excess water, such as condensation or overflowing drain pans, can cause damage to your air conditioning system. Refrigerant leaks, on the other hand, can result in frozen coils, which minimize the effectiveness of your air conditioner. In both situations, it’s a good idea to have an experienced HVAC technician come look at your air conditioner. 

Clogged Drain Lines

Clogged drain lines have become one of the most common AC problems of homeowners. Just like its filter, the drain line of your unit can become clogged with dirt, mold, algae, and mildew that accumulate over time. Clogged drain lines can cause water to backflow inside your unit, potentially damaging other parts of your AC. Clogged drain lines are easy to identify. It typically involves water leakage from your unit, which can compromise other AC components.

You can save up from ac repairs by using a wet-dry vacuum to clear the blockage from your drain line.

Common summer AC problems can catch us off guard, but with a little know-how, you can identify the main root of the problem and decide whether or not your AC calls for professional help. If you think you still need assistance Air Hawk Heating and Cooling offers same day services and is only a phone call away at (813) 929-4295

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